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Hello everyone and welcome to my very own portfolio website!
My name is Daniël, a designer and developer by day, and an artist and illustrator by night.

This portfolio page is dedicated to my work as a front-end webdeveloper, illustrator and animator and everything in between.
Here you’ll be able to find everything regarding both my professional and personal work in various fields.

My aim with this website is to inspire my fellow media-enthousiasts,  and help others on their path of becoming a better artist, animator, illustrator or developer.
Aside from sharing my own work I also want to use this place on the web to showcase my own learning curve of becoming a better content creator, artist and illustrator.

The website is currently running on my very own developed WordPress theme (more information about this theme and it’s history can be found here).

If you want to know more about me just click here, and always feel free to leave any comment, question and/or feedback.

Best regards,


Daniel Smulders Consultancy